TheEighty8 is a millennial-focused culture, thought, and style publication that strives to tell the unfiltered truth–though we definitely appreciate a Lomo-ified photo. We offer viral opinion pieces, interviews and insight to help you improve and navigate your world with a healthy dose of style and wit.


I started TheEighty for two reasons: first, not only was I tired of reading the same articles over and over–as a writer, I was sick of being asked to produce them. Seriously, how many more articles titled “17 Ways To Be a Better Girlfriend” do we actually need? I wanted to read and write content that actually pertained to my life as a 25-year-old trying to navigate life, and quite frankly, my GChat conversations were more enlightening than most of the content geared towards my demographic.

Second, I’d begun noticing a disturbing trend–social networks were ruining my friends’ self-esteem and not one content site addressed our realities in an intelligent, witty way.

One of my friends put it well–social media is nothing more than one giant “highlight reel.” Think–what percentage of your life do you deem “Instagram-worthy”? In my case, I’d say around 6%–yet one of my own friends told me my feed made her want to “kill herself” because I was “one of those girls whose photos make [her] feel inadequate.”

I was shocked. Had I really spent so much time maintaining a “competitive” online presence, trying to make myself feel more adequate, I hadn’t realized my own profile was contributing to the problem?

I knew this had to change. There’s nothing wrong with beautiful photos–what’s wrong is the lack of honest conversation about the person in each photo.

TheEighty8 presents the information my friends and I love–culture and thought pieces, style and entertainment–unfiltered. We want to talk openly about cultural trends and relationships without pretending we aren’t annoyed or angry. We want intelligent conversations about entertainment and celebrities as they apply to our lives in a larger, less superficial way. We want an honest career discussion that not only presents the truth–many of us are unsure if we’re doing the right thing–but also highlights people who could help us figure out what we were supposed to be doing.

Our many contributors are a diverse set of individuals from across the globe with a common goal in mind: to help you, the reader, examine, navigate and create your dream life.

Molly Fedick
Founder, TheEighty8