5 old-fashioned dating habits we should bring back

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Old-fashioned romantic films are essentially an emotional workout. Somewhere between the black and white flicker and the crackle of sound, romantic moments are caught and held captive in our screens, cueing every single girl to sigh and swoon uncontrollably…followed closely by every taken girl sighing and swooning uncontrollably. In this fast-paced millennial life, ambushed by technology, have we somehow lost the excitement of old-school dating?

Here, 5 old-fashioned dating habits that need to be brought back–and stat.

Limited contact and set-in-stone plans

Imagine trying to ‘court’ without the use of the internet or cell phone for contact. You couldn’t over-indulge in sending two or three word texts every minute, and there was no option of sending endless selfies with slightly varying pouts and gradually lessening sunlight as the day rolls on. (That is, unless you wanted to wait a week for photo development after dropping the film off at a chemist. And even then, hand delivering a wad of snaps of your face seems so odd. Let’s not do that)

Plans were made, and stuck to. There was no bailing, no chance of better offers coming in and someone being shunned – dates were scheduled, penned into a planner and kept.

Men of 2014, care to call us with a plan, then, gasp, stick to it?

Gentleman’s etiquette

It still feels magical when you meet a man who holds the door open for you, pulls out a chair and offers to take your coat and bag – as long as you’re not on the street and you realise that someone has very politely stolen your personal belongings.

Our culture means that no subject is off-limits – the media is filled with crass videos, photos and stories of what people have been caught doing, and whilst we’re stuck in a culture where one night stands and flings are totally acceptable, it’s hard to locate someone who won’t be expecting that from you, or for you to be expected to openly talk about innately personal things because “that’s what everyone else talks about.”

When was the last time you spoke about anything other than someone else’s relationship, or what someone else is doing? Have we lost the ability to have a conversation about thoughts and ideas, instead of just making commentaries on someone else’s life?

Saving clothes for ‘best’

I am still reminded by my mum to “keep clothes for best.” And the majority of the time, I can see her logic – like when I inadvertendly tan my clothes instead of my body whilst making the well-informed decision to wear a white shirt whilst applying self-tanner.

There’s a little luxury in keeping some items for ‘special occasions.’ I’m not ashamed to say that I have a dress hanging in my closet waiting for when I meet that guy for that date..assuming I haven’t had an awful self-tanning accident with it before that time comes.

Dancing under disco lights

Hands up: who has ever been asked to dance? (and I’m not talking a casual grind under the occasional flash of a strobe light)

Yeah – me neither.

This one seems to have been completely lost – we seem to have forgotten the innocence and the mystery of a real dance with a boy, not knowing what will happen or where it will lead. And I’d take the cute option over a not so delicate rave where you have to side-step pools of vodka (and tears) on the dance floor any day. So elegant.

Love letters

If there was a mailing list I could sign up to and have love letters sent to my door I would do it in a heartbeat. Arguably there is nothing remotely romantic about a robot spitting out carbon-copy letters to every sad single girl, but the idea of having something delivered and dropped through a mailbox is so magical and wonderful – and would definitely be Instragrammed in a second with a backdrop of candles and rose petals.

These old-fashioned romantic moments are too good to be lost on the modern world – and, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t want to be the girl who has to answer the “so how did you two meet?” conversation with “well, it all started with a swipe to the right on Tinder..”

Image via We Heart It

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Lucy is an actor from the UK who likes to flounce about on the internet blogging away mindlessly about clothes. She's graduated from university, spent too much of her student loan, cried over boys, cried over the loss of her student discount and fallen off a bike - all life changing and shaping moments - and she likes to write down a few stories here and there because someone, somewhere, might have a little giggle at them.