10 travel apps for a stress free holiday

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‘Me scusi, me scusi!’ Thinking about travelling abroad or taking a road trip this summer? Well, say goodbye to the days you stayed in the hostels from hell or took a wrong detour down the Interstate. Here’s our list of the best travel apps to take along with you, to make your vacation stress free and memorable.

For the Foodie – Eat St.

This app will feed the foodie in you. Plus, if you have an addiction to food trucks this app has you covered. Find local food truck vendors and reviews from those who have tasted them before. Local foodies snap pictures of local food vendors, rate them and make recommendations for tourists and locals. Created by The Food Network, this app helps you hunt down that 2 lb grilled cheese your friend told you about or have a midnight taco truck rendezvous. See vendor menus, search locations and use interactive maps, anywhere in North America.

For the Social Butterfly – Find My Friends

Never leave a man behind with this travel app by Apple, which helps you locate your companions while you wander around new territories. Share your location or find your friends whereabouts that they’ve shared with you. This app is perfect for outdoor festivals, hiking or big city travels that might take your travel buddies to different points of contact. Apple reports that ‘Find My Friends works with Contacts and Maps, so you can do things like find the quickest route to a surprise party and avoid running into the birthday girl — all at once.’ Genius.

For the Geographically Impaired – HipTrip

With HipTrip, you can access maps and guides online or offline to help you navigate your travels. Plus, read up on Wiki articles that define your destination. The main advantage of using HipTrip is that everything – map, places, photos, articles – are saved on your device. This means you don’t need Internet connection when traveling, which means no high roaming charges. Phew! You can also locate yourself (where am I?!), find a restaurant nearby or a train station. Add points-of-interest on the map, bookmark your hotel or a restaurant you liked or even where you parked your car. It’s got all your essential travel needs jam-packed into one clean interface.

For the Economically Curious – Kurrency

What is a Euro worth these days? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Kurrency allows you to convert almost all the currencies of the world into your national currency. 

It’s just that simple but so important for those international excursions.

For the Polyglot – SpeakEasy

This app gives you the vocabulary you need from the most popular European languages. Find translations in French, German and Spanish, for essential travel phrases like ‘Where is the restroom?’ and ‘When is the next train to…?’ No need for Internet access to use this application either. What’s unique about this language translator is that native speakers of the language record all the audio. So you can learn to speak the language like a human – not a robot. Additionally, compile your most frequently used phrases to quickly reference them in your language of choice. Hope this app adds more language options soon!

For the Itinerary Obsessed – TripCase

If you’ve got a Type A personality this app is for you. Plan your entire trip itinerary with this handy app and never miss a flight or a train departure again. Add the details on your own by creating a trip and filling the fields for flight, hotel, rental car, etc. You can seamlessly link your reservations into one master itinerary. All the reservations made with connected travel providers seamlessly stay up-to-date no matter how your plans change. Pretty neat, huh?

For the Not-So-Average Tourist – Viatour

Find and book amazing tours around the world. From Paris to Phuket to Perth, from traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, there’s something for every kind of traveler. Viatour’s travel insiders handpick the best local tour and activity providers. They pre-vet them all to make sure you always have an exceptional experience. Additionally, with Viatour you can get exclusive behind-the-scenes access, private viewings, VIP tours and bypass the lines and crowds!

For the Hostel-Stayer – WeHostels

Calling all backpackers, if you like the hostel life or are looking for a budget hotel, this is the best app for you. Book your hostel on the go, make plans with people staying there and see pictures to ensure you won’t be sleeping in a bug infested shack. There are over 50,000 places in 800 cities to choose from and you can browse hostel reviews and read profiles on your bunkmates before you get there. Score!

For the Truly Confused Traveler –  WorldLens

Don’t know whether that restroom sign is for ‘Males’ or ‘Females’, WorldLens helps you instantly see words and signs in your spoken language. Use your smartphone’s video camera to capture signs and information around the world and have the printed word translated on the spot. Note: These guys have been acquired by Google and released their app and language packs free for a limited time, so download this one quick!

For the Word-of-Mouth Lover – WutzWhat

Locate the best hotels, restaurants, nightlife and more in LA, New York and Toronto. This handpicked, curated and stunning app is like your ‘friend in the know’ pointing you in the right direction of what’s hot in the city. The app also features a ‘Perks’ section, which provides offers, deals and discounts from sharing your experiences with friends via the app. You’d share it anyway, so why not score 10% off your next dinner in these big cities? We hope to see this app launch in every major city around the world soon!

Image via We Heart It

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